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Our Training

WHS, every year organises a training course in order to expand the number of its technicians. This internship is reserved for the formation of new internal and external technicians related to the company, but can also be for freelancers who are independent, and wish to be affiliated with our company.

The course and the selection of participants will be carried out strictly by highly qualified staff who have years of experience in the repair of dents, and in the management of contracts at an international level.

The new technician training course takes place between January and May and lasts about 3 months. This allows WHS to have more highly trained technicians than other leading companies on the market that only run intensive courses for a maximum of 2 weeks.

During our training program students gradually affront work through the varying levels of difficulty that may arise in the field, both from a practical and theoretical perspective. Once all levels have been covered we have another qualified professional who can tackle and successfully repair any damage.